Quit It

Mar 18

Border Crossing with Nadia Kamil

Comedian Nadia Kamil stops by to talk about how she wishes countries would quit hassling kindly peasants who wish to cross their borders. Plus, we delve into the worlds of video games about sadness, erotic novels about rich polo players, the viability of the royal family, and racist children’s books.

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Feb 27

Snoozing with Erin Foley

Comedian Erin Foley stops by to talk about how she wishes she could quit hitting the snooze button every morning. Plus, we discuss immortal celebrities, semi-abusive directing styles, and sad sack old sports stars.

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Jan 21

Avoiding Sushi with Katie Crown

Comedian Katie Crown stops by to talk about how she wishes the Fukushima nuclear plant should quit spitting its radiation all over the place. Plus, we get into important topics like identity theft, the weather, magicians, and Ethan Hawke’s accent.

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Dec 24

Embarrassing Others with Monika Scott

Comedian Monika Scott drops by to talk about how she wishes people would quit embarrassing others for their own entertainment. Plus, we get into Pokemon, antiquing, Sherlock Holmes, and we celebrate the Christmas season with a heartwarming story of family and kindness.

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Dec 12

Selling Out with Tom Scharpling

In this special episode, enjoy a deleted conversation from this year’s Tom Scharpling episode where we talk “The Who Sell Out”, selling out, and sellouts.

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Dec 6

Competing with Andy Peters

Comedian Andy Peters stops by to talk about how he wishes people would quit turning every gosh darn thing into a competition. Plus, we get a phone call from an incarcerated Nicolas Cage, and we announce the 2013 Quit It Christmas Un-Competition for all the losers out there.

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Nov 14

Working on it with Allen Strickland Williams

Comedian Allen Strickland Williams stops by to talk about he wishes people would quit asking what he’s working on. Plus, we get into regional discount book chains, Dippin’ Dots, and yogurt mogul scandals.

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Nov 7

Law and Ordering with Erin Gibson

Erin Gibson from “Throwing Shade” stops by to talk about wishing she could quit “Law & Order: SVU”. Plus, we get into the dark details of big game hunting for rich assholes, and we welcome our new sponsor: Hobosexual.com.

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Oct 31

Hanging Up with Eva Anderson

Eva Anderson from IFC’s “Comedy Bang Bang” stops by to talk about how she wishes people would quit yacking on the phone in front of God and everybody. Plus, we talk about competitive baking, antagonistic hobby shops, and Art Bell. And James Honeycutt from Netflix stops by with some Halloween movie picks.

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Oct 24

Beating Cynicism with Devin Faraci

Devin Faraci of BadassDigest.com stops by to talk about how he wishes he could quit being so cynical. Plus, we explore what it means to be a nerd in our modern age, ponder whether “Star Trek: Into Darkness” is the most cynical movie of the year, and let our resident internet docent A.E. Gulliford guide us through the wonders and horrors of salty betting.

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